Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?
Live Life on Purpose The Woman I Love

Passion and Purpose Creates Magic and Miracles

I came across this image several years ago and have never stopped loving it!  

It portrays the picture in my mind I have of myself.  ( may not be the exact same image I see when I look into the mirror, but it's the image that walks with me in my mind and heart everyday.)

It started with a decision.  

It started with the burning desire to heal and be well.

It started with an even deeper desire to be a force for change in our world.

It began with courage and vulnerability.​

The Woman I Love

​What that courage and vulnerability looks like today is a heart that is filled with incredible friendships, collaborations and support.  

May I invite you to join us in a movement of sisterhood? A movement of uniting arm in arm to create miracles, magic, purpose and passion in your life!  A movement that let's our voices be heard.  A movement of healing and thriving past all the heartaches and troubles of your past.   

"Do you see the lady in this picture? Not the one using the cane but the dancer. The dancer is you! I believe in you! And you must believe in yourself! You are meant to be on this planet dancing the dance of life. You are magical. You are a miracle. I believe in YOU!!!"    Diana Dunham Young

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Live Life on Purpose The Woman I Love
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