Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?
What are you focused on?

20 Wonderful Things to Focus On

It is often so easy to get our thoughts diverted to something that is not conducive to cheerfulness and feeling fine.

I think it is imperative that we set in motion some tricks in our tool bag that help us rise above thoughts and actions that do not serve us.  

Why?  Because: What You Focus on Expands!​

​How often are you stuck deep in a cycle of worry, fear, and other forms of destructive overthinking?

How often are you stuck in memories of the pain of your past?  The regrets, the hurts, the sorrow?​

How often are you aimlessly distracted from what matters most?

And how often do you feel like you’re running in place, with zero to show for your efforts?

​I finally discovered some cool tricks...sometimes called brain switches that has helped me to recognize when I am slipping into unproductive thinking.  

As silly as those words may seem...they work for me!  You are welcome to borrow them or come up with your own words, songs, movements, etc. that snap you back out of stinking thinking.

Another trick I use is to ​start naming all I am grateful/thankful for:

  1. I am alive!
  2. I survived!
  3. I am now thriving!
  4. I have a wonderful husband!
  5. I have a roof over my head!
  6. I have healthy food to nourish my body!
  7. I have wonderful kids!
  8. I have amazing grandkids!
  9. I have my health!
  10. I can read!
  11. I have amazing friends!
  12. I have delightful pets!
  13. I choose to surround myself with amazing people!
  14. I have my car to drive me where I want to go!
  15. ​I am growing my business!
  16. My book (The Woman I Love) has reached many hearts!
  17. I have great people I can look up to and receive direction and encouragement from!
  18. I have faith in the divine!
  19. I have a comfortable bed with cozy blankets and pillows so I can sleep well.
  20. I have clothing to where that makes me look good and feel good!

The list could go on and on...I know you get the point!  Even if I need to verbalize out loud my blessings, I am changing my focus.

Sometimes, I will break out singing a silly song.   Other times, I will go for a walk.  Or I will jump up and down.  

The trick is to divert your mind from where it is to something that is joyful.  It sure beats the alternative.  

For years, I could easily slip into depression...even as a child.  It is painful.  It is hurtful.  It is exasperating.  Adopting a way to notice, to be mindful of the triggers and then consciously change the pattern when I feel the slippery slope coming on has been life changing.

I invite you to share what methods you ​use to keep you going strong.

How do you stay on top of those good feeling?​

What are you focused on?


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