Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?
Choosing to Thrive

An Exciting Accomplishment: “We Choose to Thrive” Coming Soon!

Stop for a moment please and imagine the excitement, joy, inner growth and the yes...the pride of accomplishment in this collaborative effort of 31 amazing women who have had the courage and the heart to share their messages of inspiration and hope.

We Choose to Thrive

Available on Amazon:  Feb. 2nd, 2017

Each of us are not willing to label ourselves as victims or merely survivors...even though for many, the fact that they are alive, well and thriving is a miracle in and of itself.

​We have all survived abuse. For some it started in childhood at very tender ages. For others it was rape during teen years. Some had a wonderful childhood but experienced incredible abuse in domestic violence.

For all of us the repercussions colored our world for many years.  We struggled with low self esteem, lack of belonging and the all to common effects of self-sabotaging behavior all to common to survivors.

Our stories are shared with you from our hearts.  From the depth of our souls, willing to: 


WHY?  Because victim-hood does not suit us.  We grew weary of the story and we have chosen to write a new story for ourselves.

Our stories come from an amazing cross section of our world...from Australia, Guatemala, Canada and the U.S.   They come from many ethnic, social-economic and religious backgrounds. However...our resounding resolve is the same.​

We do this​ do this to be a voice, to speak for those who can’t speak.

We do this to inspire the multitude of survivors everywhere that they too can heal...not just heal but THRIVE!

When interviewed and asked what " What words of advice would you give to someone just deciding to begin their healing journey, following is a collection of responses:  

Cheryl-Ann Webster

Cheryl-Ann Webster hails from beautiful Victoria, British Colombia.  

Her story is in Chapter Three.

"I suggest that at any and all points of your healing journey, always explore inward, gaining more awareness of what the effects are of what has happened to you.

Discover what is still sitting within you that is still silent. Ask many questions.

​Take that awareness and look at it all in a safe and secure way.  There are many ways that you can do that.

Find out what works for you. Try writing a journal, speaking to a therapist, taking a dance class,or go on a retreat. Start small. Take a piece of your story out from deep inside you. Explore it. Break it down."

Find a coach (not a therapist) because you want to heal from the inside out...not the outside in!

It can be a man or a woman coach...but find what works for you.  It must be someone who is full of integrity and honor.

Your inner voice will tell you.

Find your inner voice, learn to listen to it an trust it.

Kaelen Revense's story is in Chapter 30.

Kaelen Revense

Roberta Brown's Story is in Chapter 23.

​Breathe deeply. Look into yourself and know how good you are.  Know that you did not choose this.

Find a good therapist.  Broach the subject with trustworthy people.

Love yourself.  Don't blame yourself.  Give yourself a break.  

Share your story.   Stand in your truth and be your authentic self.

​The way you heal is the way you heal.  Do not compare yourself to others.  You WILL get it.  It is ok to feel what you feel when you feel it.

You have a right to get mad, angry and cry.

Realize that choosing to love yourself past the pain and the tough memories will help you in all relationships, issues and conflicts.

You will have stages of healing, but you can recover.

Edna J. White's Story is found in Chap. 13

Nishea Martinez's Story is in Chapter 6

You are not alone. 

We tend to isolate ourselves because our internal self value has been so attacked.  We try to hide ourselves away from the world, because we think no one understands.  

​It’s an on going process.  There will be great and amazing days and then there are horrific minutes, but surrounding yourself with people who support and believe in you helps.

Remind yourself that you survived ant that you are a warrior will get you through it.

Watch for a summary of each of the other authors in our upcoming blog posts.

This book is being released on Amazon as both a Kindle book and as a paperback.

We will be hosting live interviews on Feb. 2-3 on our Facebook Event Page...we would love to have you join us!

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