Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

Make a Decision to Live Happily Ever After

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In pausing to reflect the amazing changes that have happened in my life over the past year, I find myself in awe over the fact that I had let someone else dictate my story for quite some time.

Who is writing your story?

Is it time to own your own story?

The truth of the matter is that when we have lived in traumatic situations, often the story of it lives inside us long after the abuse or trauma ended.

Is it time to write a new story?​

When it comes to healing from abuse or trauma, until we write our own story, the other story lives strong within us.

I was 60 years old before I told my story!  Now that I see the change in me, I am in awe.  You see, in writing my story, it put so many things in perspective...and in the process, I began to write a new story for my life.  It has been an incredible journey.​

I was told my entire childhood that I was ugly, worthless and stupid.  I heard those words starting as a young child and combined with the other abuses I endured, the effects of those words burned deep into the fiber of who I was.  

Was is the operative word...for indeed the flavor of those words colored my world for much too long.

​However, finally deciding I was more than that, I put pen to paper and crafted my story.

Sadness and Shame keeps the pain inside.

The result?

The woman i love

Once I wrote and published this book, I began meeting so many other women who also had stories to tell...which resulted in...

We Choose to Thrive

This amazing book...sharing their stories of healing and thriving after the trauma of their past!  I was not alone!

​If you can imagine the transformation that has happened in my life since I gained the courage to stand up, speak up, connect to my own truth and understand my own inner strength and power!  

Now, I've stepped into public speaking and also offer coaching programs that start with mindset and guides through to the creating a new story for yourself.  The transformations are amazing.​

​The book "We Choose to Thrive: Our Voices Rising in Unison to Share With Abuse Survivors a Message of Hope and Inspiration for Healing" has been the work of heart and courage of 31 amazing women (including myself!), who have the love, the heart, the courage and the wisdom to share their stories with you.  What a journey!  

While we mention what happened to us, we don’t dwell there. We talk about what we have done and what we are currently doing to be well adjusted, happy and productive. We’ve done our healing work for ourselves first and foremost and as we began to heal, that seeped out to our families, our communities, our countries and our world. We also know that it takes constant attention to our thoughts and feelings as there can be triggers of memory that can threaten to derail our efforts.

Each of us has been a victim of abuse, some beginning in childhood, others later on as adults with domestic violence or even rape. You will find stories from sea to shining sea, women from all around Canada and the U.S., Australia and even one with roots in Guatemala. You will discover that the perpetrators of abuse do not respect ethnic backgrounds, socio-economic backgrounds, or religious backgrounds. Abuse is abuse no matter what kind, and there is no measuring device that can predict the impact it has on the victim, no matter how significant or insignificant the abuse may seem.

What we all have in common is our deep desire to share with abuse survivors around the world that they too can heal, that they are NOT alone. We share our journey, the resources and most of all the mindset that we needed to adopt to achieve the rich and happy lives we are now living. It truly is a journey.

Will you step up and make a choice to thrive? Are you willing to do what it takes? Are you willing to change your focus? We’ve all heard the saying, “What you focus on expands.” Are you ready to focus on healing and thriving?

Our Best Seller Launch on Feb. 2nd and 3rd and would appreciate your support!

The book is being offered as both a Kindle and Paperback.

​To join us in our amazing Interview webinars, this link will give our schedule:

I'm so excited!!!​  I hope you will join us!

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