Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

A New Inner Story

We all tend to have our own stories about how our life has turned out so far and the experiences that brought this about.  Sadly, we also tend to mentally repeat these stories over and over to ourselves in our mind.  It is like we have an inner editor that refuses to change the manuscript.

I know for myself that I have had to pay constant attention to my thoughts.  We’ve all heard the saying, “What you focus on expands.” We know that our thoughts have power…they have the power to transform our lives or lead us to a place that we really do not want nor need to be.

What we want to do is to discover how to let those stories go and release all the pain, scarcity, paralyzing limiting beliefs and sadness that is wrapped up with those stories and experiences.

It is so important we're no longer constrained by our stories or experiences.  This is an essential process that is an important step in our healing and beginning to thrive.

It is time to let go of our hard luck stories, the old scarcity experiences, and all the negative circumstances that once dominated our attention.  Just let them go.  Because, these experiences only breed further negativity, which become the catalyst for creating a fresh round of negative experiences in our future.

This is what our own story is like to us, it's a movie, a short movie that we play over and over in our mind, reliving all the experiences as if they were only yesterday.   No one truly wants to watch or be in a movie where the emphasis is purely focused upon the negative. And yet, so many people have unconsciously chosen this very existence, and that is their story.

All because they were never told the basic truths, that abundance, joy and well-being is actually everywhere, and that we can tune into its frequency any time we decide to.

That's exactly why we are where we are today in this very moment.  It is time for each of us are learning to align our own personal energy with the energy of abundant happiness, contentment, fulfillment, joy and wellness…so they become one.

It is so easy to slip into negativity.  For many of us, this was what surrounded us and what we have known often from childhood.

Yet the good news is that now…anytime you find your mind triggered to going back and reflecting on sad times or upon things that you simply do not want in your life, you can and must stop those thoughts immediately.   

Do not let the thoughts continue any further.  Cut them off right away.  I know for myself, that once I consciously decided to mind my thoughts, and applied exercises to rise above those thoughts…I began making massive improvement.

I do this exercise in my mind.  It is a visualization meditation I have adapted.  In my mind I deliberately decide to delete those thoughts by mentally putting them out in the trash.  I imagine my negative self talk and non powerful thoughts going into the garbage bin, because I know that now I won't be needing them anymore.

Then, I attach a great big helium balloon to the trashcan.   I allow it to float up and and far away, high into the sky, until it's out of sight.  And finally, it simply dissolves into the atmosphere until it is gone forever.  

I attempt to do this for every negative thought I have.  Trash them, float them away, and dissolve them, and they're gone.  

I love to garden and as I was planting my garden this spring, I realized that life is like a garden.  When we first break the ground so we can plant our garden, we need to remove the weeds first or the new seeds we plant will not germinate properly.  Often the don't get enough sunlight and get strangled out by the weeds.  By removing the weeds and properly preparing the soil, eventually, those seeds grow into wonderful plants that provide nourishment to our bodies.  The same goes for planting a new way of thinking and BE-ING in the garden that is called our life.

Before we can begin to constructing our truly magnificent and amazing lives, we need clear the path, ensuring that the negative thoughts and stories have been erased, weeded out the best we can.  It is a mindfulness project for sure!  But is imperative for that we can begin building a powerful new foundation for a life of thriving.

These will eventually become the amazing towering monuments that represent your life.

It is all about constructing a new life for ourselves.  Instead of the previous hard luck stories we have so often repeated to ourselves for so many years, we create a positive new story for our subconscious mind to assimilate and digest.

A an author who uses editors for myself​, it is kind of like our minds have an editor inside us.  Well, is it time for our editor to get fired?   It is time to hire a new editor with fresh eyes to watch for repeat stories that no longer make sense?

Our subconscious mind (our new editor) converts our thoughts into images or pictures, and your new story is much like a movie of your life.  The main difference will be that this particular movie won't have any victims, frustration, or sad times.

Instead, it will be upbeat and inspirational.  You will look at your life for the first time through a set of rose-colored glasses.  With these glasses you will see only your greatest strengths, characteristics, achievements, and attributes; all of the times in your life that showed how clever, powerful, resilient, and successful you were, to overcome adversity, successfully negotiating the obstacles, and scoring wins along the way, all the way up to the present moment in your life.

You might ask, "Why am I doing this?  And how could this possibly change anything in my life?"  The answer is: because, when our story changes, so do our circumstances.

Your story is your personal history, which we tend to attach ourselves to.  With conscious effort you will be changing your history to a more accurate and uplifting story.  Before our life can truly change, we must change first.

This begins by changing your life story, as this creates a better launching pad into your successful future. Inner change must always happen first, because it automatically creates the outer external changes in our lives. This is an example of cause and effect.

​This is part one of this series...stay tuned for our next blog post!

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