Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?
Living a New Story

A New Inner Story Part 2

This is part 2 of our New Inner Story.  

It's important to know that those who create the external changes without first making the inner changes, often produce results that may not last.

Our inner world will always create a clear reflection in your outer world, so it  remains in unison, or as one.

Together, let's begin creating powerful inner building blocks with our editor...(you know, the one we have inside us that needs to be either fired or retrained!)

Now...let's celebrate just how great your life, and the beautiful qualities that you have cultivated despite and in spite of all you have had to deal with in your life.

You're going to do this with a brand new inner movie about yourself and your life.  However, instead of the long line of sad plots that often frequent our own personal movie, this one will be inspirational.!

Instead of seeing injustice that happened in your life, you will convert these to future triumphs.   YES!!! you must focus only on all the positives from your life!   Don't be shy about imagining just how great you are.  Really celebrate yourself!

Feel free to exaggerate as much as you want, and even add some superhero powers to your past feats if you wish. These often help to make an even bigger impression upon that silly little editor.

You are the writer, producer, director, and star of this movie, so you can literally create it into anything you want it to be.   What sort of aspects should you include in this new version of your own personal life story?   They could even include some of the aspects from your previous life story, but instead, you view them from a completely different, more inspiring, viewpoint.

​Instead of imagining a life event that in the past you would have construed as negative, change it up.  

For example, maybe many years ago you lost your job.  Instead of focusing on the pain and difficulty that surrounding losing the job...change it to a different story.   Focus on how you left a job that you simply did not enjoy and how you used the time to reinvent yourself in some way and then was able to replace the job with a much better one.

Turn all of your stories around, telling a new story that inspires you.  

Use your imagination to turn negative experiences around and imagine how you came through those times better, stronger and wiser.  Truth be told...look at you now and the amazing person you are!

Now, let's turn all of your stories around so that they inspire you.  ​Make them stories about how you overcame the tough times and adversities of your past.  Talk about how you overcame the odds, how you refused to compromise your principles and how you were true to yourself.  

Talk about ​how you chose happiness over and above misery, and how you are now in the process of becoming an amazing human being.  

Speak highly of yourself!​  We must do this if we are to change our stories.  If we dwell on the pain of our past and speak of it over and over again, we tend to stay right there.  So if you need to begin imagining things, kind of living in a land of make believe for awhile...then do it!  

For instance, instead of imagining an event that would often be construed in a negative light, you change it slightly.  

Let's say you lost a job years ago.   Instead focus on how when you left job that you weren't enjoying,  you then channeled this time productively to reinvent yourself in some way as a launching pad into something new.

Make it your mission to turn all of your life stories around, so that they really speak to your soul and inspire you.  Instead of dwelling and re-living negative experiences, imagine how you came through the other side of them better, stronger, and wiser.

These could be stories about how you overcame adversity in your past, how you beat the odds, how you came through difficulty and succeeded, how you decided to go with your gut and it paid off, how you refused to compromise your principles and were true to yourself, how you chose happiness over misery, triumphed over abuse, and of course, how you are now in the process of transforming into the truly amazing and incredible human being.  You've beat the odds and now you are living  a blessed and magical life.

Carefully leave traumatic events out of your story, unless you can find some way to view them in a new positive light.

Don't just see this movie in your mind, feel it as well.  What is happening in this movie? Make it as realistic as possible, by adding uplifting, positive emotions, vibrant color, sounds, etc.

Convincing that jabbering inner editor in your subconscious mind that this movie is actually real is not a difficult feat, because it cannot actually tell the difference between something you vividly imagine, from something that's real.

Isn't that amazing and exciting?  But it IS a fact.

So, are you ready to start creating your new story by imagining it in your mind?

Do you practice meditation?   It is an amazing tool to have in your toolkit.  Take just a few minutes to quiet time and with the power of your mind, mentally create a very short yet empowering and inspiring story of your life...till now. 

From this moment forward, make this story your official life story.  Make it  your personal history of how you got here where you are today.  

Identify with this story as the inspirational path you took, and monumental choices you made to get here.

When you breathe positive new life and inspiration into your past you will create a new sense of positive energy in the present.  This energy, in turn, will fuel and inspire the wonderful new experiences you will be manifesting for yourself from this point onward. 

It sure beats the alternative!  Our next blog will go into greater depth on this subject...on creating a new inner story for ALL areas of life.

Choose a happy and delightful life story for yourself!
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