Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

I Love Myself!

I Love Myself -- My Courageous Healing Journey is an amazing 52 week self paced journey that explores the nuances of a healing journey, complete with all the triggers of emotion, the grieving, along with the joy and pride that comes from overcoming and feeling happiness and resolution.

Each week has a video, a short read, and either a short questionnaire or a writing assignment.

This course is meant to help you explore where you are now,  realizing that healing is an inside job.  Healing is a decision only you can make for yourself.​  In a short time, you will discover that you are beginning to react differently to circumstances and make healthier decisions for yourself.  

The content of this course is divided into sections and that are bite sized.

  • Discovering where you are in this moment
  • Tools to help you explore your healing process
  • Skills and Mindset Necessary for Healing
  • Building a Support System
  • Stating Your Intention
  • Dealing with Crisis
  • Nurturing You
  • Celebrating YOU
  • Where Did You Come From
  • What Happened and How It Affected and Changed Your Life
  • Coping Mechanisms
  • Forgiving Yourself
  • Examining Behaviors
  • Developing Healthier Coping Skills
  • YOUR Decision to Heal...and Thrive
  • ​Being Willing to Change
  • Being Prepared for Change and What Change Means
  • Dealing with Memories
  • Dealing with Lack of Memory
  • What if You Are Afraid?
  • Knowing and Understanding That it Was Not Your Fault
  • Letting Go of Shame, Guilt, and Fear
  • Learning to Trust Yourself
  • The Grieving Process
  • Deep Seated Anger
  • Confronting Abusers
  • Family Relationships
  • Giving Yourself Credit for the Strength You Have
  • and so much more!

This course is not fast paced.  We have other courses that we offer that will propel you quickly through this process, but that is not for everyone.  If you need to slowly, systematically work your way through the anger, guilt, shame and fear you have experienced, without stress, this course is for you.

Gradually you will find yourself, standing for you more often.  Speaking up and living your own truth and becoming so in tune and happy to be alive.​

If you can't complete this course in 52 weeks, it is ok.   You will have lifetime access to this course!

Bonus:  Build a circle of support with members also on this journey in our member only forum!

$1.00 Free One Week Trial! ​

​$9.97 per month for 1 year, then lifetime access

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