Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

About Us

My name is Becky Norwood.  Welcome to The Woman I Love!  I invite you to take a look around.  If it resonates with you, stick around!  If you are a woman reading this, I hope YOU are the woman that YOU love, and that is what this is all about.  

We are in the midst of building a strong community of women who are healing and thriving after having suffered from it emotional, physical or sexual from childhood forward.  We have private Facebook group for women only who are seeking support, and also a Facebook page.  We are also creating a forum for our members.

"We do not owe our past a place in our future."

Myself, I endured sexual, emotional and physical abuse at the hands of her father from very early childhood.  It was to last for many years.

Through a PhD in the school of hard knocks and experience, I've come to thrive in my own right.  And yet, I will be the first to say that healing and self love does not happen overnight.  It is a continual process of self awareness and loving yourself.  The key is to recognize the triggers and find ways that help you to process them and continue on in your healing.

Healing is a process, one that takes patience.  It does not happen overnight, but each and every step is a big step.  Sometimes we wonder why our healing process feels so very slow.  Will we ever get there?  Will we ever thrive? ​

It starts with a decision, a decision that says, "Come hell or high water, I will keep putting one step in front of the other.  I WILL Succeed."   Think about it, if we have a broken arm, it is something we and others can see.  We always give it the time to heal, often because our body will not let us do any differently.  

With surviving abuse, it is much the same.  Our minds and our hearts have been broken.  The thing is, that kind of broke is not well understood.  It is becoming better understood, but because we can't walk around with our head or our heart in a cast, indicating that there is an injury, being understood often does not happen.  

In overcoming depression and low self confidence and coming to a place of both loving and more importantly forgiving myself for the role I've played has been critical.  Forgiveness is something you do for yourself and requires daily conscious decisions as to how my life will be each day.

The books shown below are my work of heart.  

The Title for my first book is called "The Woman I Love" and I know that it could just as easily be titled “The Man I Love.”

The sad fact is that the statistics are staggering.  One in three girls and one in five boys are victims of incest and abuse.  We know those figures are very inaccurate, because there is such a huge wall of silence around it.  Most of us never spoke up for fear of the consequences.  

Regardless of our gender, we need to take steps to heal. The damage causes lifelong issues, often with self abuse in many different forms that color our world miserable for an entire life...unless steps towards healing are diligently followed.

For me of the greatest tools I've ever found is finding the courage to speak up, to tell my story, writing my story helped me do that.

​"Each human alive is a constantly unfolding story, a hero in a novel that no one else can write."

I now work with other's to set pen to paper to craft their stories, bringing them to the light of day.  In that process, I have developed a few programs that help us to bring our stories to life.

  • ​A FREE Discovery Webinar
  • A 52 Week Self-Paced Program - I Love Myself - My Courageous Healing Journey
  • Your New Story Blueprint - 6 months Coaching
  • Events
  • A Weekend Retreat
  • Daily Affirmations and Intentions

These are the books that I've written or am in the process of writing and want to share with you!

The Woman I Love

   Daily Journal

The Woman I Love: Daily Journal and Coloring Book

We Choose to Thrive!

We Choose to Thrive
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​I just finished your book. I am awestruck. I have always loved you because you are such a giving, warm, intelligent person. Now I sit back and wonder why you did not become bitter, angry and boring. Why you did not give up and how you broke the cycle of abuse.

I am honored to be your friend and a part of your life. We will talk tomorrow, but I had to write this to you, so you truly know how I feel about you. Included in this message is a huge long hug."

Pat Conlan

​One day, about a year ago, Becky mentioned she had bought her perfect website name four years earlier. It was “The Woman I Love” but she couldn’t bring herself to tell her story. Becky bought the website name in her fifty-fifth year. She had carried her story in her soul for half a century and still remained silent, not wanting to face the pain of her history.

This year, Becky’s sixtieth year, the dam broke.  Here a few months later, we have Becky’s story. It is not one of “Poor Me” but it is her story and telling it has brought her a release and has awakened her passion to help others through telling their stories, by providing a safe place for those who have also suffered from incestuous abuse to find relief and release by writing their stories, anonymously, if wished."

Sue Ferreira                 

I loved your book Becky.  You are a very brave lady that I am honored to call my friend.  I've always known you to be a very special lady.  Thank you for sharing, I know it had to be difficult.  You have shown that regardless of upbringing or lack there of, you can succeed. "

Valerie Kelly    Premier Designs Jewelry

I love the title of your book!  The power of love transforms and heals and you have clearly stepped into that energy for yourself.  Your story is so moving, painful and yet so inspirational.  I deeply admire your courage to tell your story and I know you will uplift many, just as you have helped yourself.

Best wishes to you as you move confidently in the direction of new dreams and aspirations."                            With love and Gratitude

Darcy Davis-Beghein
Heart Stream Life Coaching

I just finished Becky Norwood's book, The Woman I Love, last night. What a story and what an inspiration. I met Becky at a women's business event last year and was quite taken by her presence.

I had no idea about the challenges and horrible experiences she had endured. Bringing her story to print shines a light on the "taboo" topic of sexual abuse (and other forms), thus bringing out the awareness and change that is much needed. Becky encourages those who have suffered in silence to speak up and heal and she supports them in the process.

Though a very difficult topic to write about, Becky shares her story with grace and power as well as with love.

Beautifully written, heart-felt and vulnerable sharing .... a must read for anyone who has experienced abuse, those who have witnessed abuse, and those whose loved ones have experienced abuse.

​Thank you for being the change for so many women and children, and men."

Wendy Foster
Speaker, Trainer, Empowerment Coach

As I read this book I found myself thinking, "what I've been through is nothing compared to this! My own story could not be as inspirational."

But Becky does an amazing job of reaching all survivors of any kind of abuse. I quickly saw that even though each of our journeys may have different events along the way, the struggles - and triumphs - are the same.

This book is packed with so many gems that inspire me to fly even higher than I ever dared dream. Thank you, Becky, for your courage to be vulnerable in front of the world and for your generosity of spirit in sharing this beautiful story of choosing love over fear."

Siobhan Sackey                 

I just finished reading your story and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your inspiring and brave journey with the world. This book is so well written and I read it in one sitting.

It is difficult to find our voices after so many years of silence and secrets but in doing so you are helping others, including myself.

I highly recommend anyone who has been affected by sexual, physical or emotional abuse read this and take hope from it that you are not alone."

       Janet J. Bentley          

I felt the gamut from being broken-hearted over a beautiful suffering child to thoroughly astounded by a woman of stature with a soaring spirit who emerged on the other side filled with courage and love! Becky, you are AMAZING!

Victoria Booth

I finished this book yesterday and I am still thinking about it. Becky honesty is amazing and that she was able to share such detail and pain is a testament to her strength.

Her story is told in a very moving personal way and should inspire those who suffered abuse as a child to come forward."

Carmel de Bertaut

What an awesome book! I received book on Saturday and couldn't put it down. Such an inspirational story, well written with the message of hope for others that have gone through abuse. Such a blessing to know that Becky has found her purpose........telling her story has truly healed her and she can now help others tell their stories. Loved the chapters written by her husband and daughters."

Sylvia Justus                 

I don't think a book has touched me more. Still sitting here crying from Becky's words. I could hear her voice through the pages. I loved her the first time I met her, never knowing her past. I saw her as such a strong, gentle person... never knowing."


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