Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

An Invitation

Are you ready to share your story?

Do You Feel the Need to Grow and Thrive Despite All the Pain of Your Past?

This invitation is for women who are survivors of abuse...whether is from childhood or as an adult. Abuse is abuse, no matter what kind of abuse...and there is no way to measure the impact it may or may not have on the lives of the victims...who move from victim to survivor.  Now we are inviting you to be a Thriver!   If you are already Thriving you are welcome you as well!  We are proud to have a full blend of women in our first book...each at various stages of healing.  The truth is that others need to hear our stories! This is a powerful movement.  

Our first book in our series is "We Choose to Thrive: Our Voices Rising in Unison to Share With Abuse Survivors a Message of Hope and Inspiration for Healing," became a #1 International Best Selling Book!   Our video interviews with the co-authors on our two day launch were viewed by over 5,000 people with NO advertising!

We Choose to Thrive

We  have  interviewed women who are ready to be rid of the chains of depression, self loathing, fear, anger and hurt, and have begun living rich and full lives.  They have chosen to THRIVE!

I​n the pages of this book you find the stories of 31 amazing women who have the heart, the courage and the wisdom to stand up and share their stories.

They chose to speak up because they understand that in so doing it not only strengthens them in their own healing journey, it provides inspiration and hope to others on their own journey of healing.

Our messages are many and varied but the overall theme is that YOU ARE NOT too can find the support needed to heal and thrive.​

You can find out more about their individual stories by picking up a copy of the book here.

I am not a trained therapist. I once said that I have a PhD in the school of hard knocks and experience at the hands of my own father.  Due to Shannon O'Leary of Australia who is one of the co-authors of the first book in the We Choose to Thrive Series...I now say I have a PhD from the School of the Most Fortunate...I Survived and am here to tell about it!

The beauty of this for me is how much I have learned about myself from each one of the participants.  I feel so richly blessed by this inspirational and amazing journey.

You can read my own story here.  It has taken me years to work through, with some counseling and even more with the deep desire to simply be whole.

I can say, that for me, writing my story has been one of the single best things I have EVER done for myself. That along with coming to love and forgive myself first and foremost...and a conscious decision to do whatever it took to feel joy and presence in my life.

Our Invitation to YOU is to...​

"get your feet wet" telling the short version of your story, in interview fashion and being a part of our next book series:

"We Choose to Thrive!"

Due to the unprecedented success of our first book...we have begun our interview process  for the 2nd book in the series.  This has been a touching, heartwarming and inspiring experience. Participants are loving the fact that they now feel that they are NOT ALONE, and the impact that in and of itself is making on them.

Some are going on to become authors of their own book by writing their stories and sharing them with the world.  Some have already done that and have gone on to thrive in love, in life and in business and offer coaching/training/speaking/retreats to help women come alive and thrive.

That is what we do...we help you get your story told! If writing it is difficult, we do interview style, recording the story then getting it transcribed and edited.

Our Mission? To TRANSFORM and UPLIFT our world!  To share with the entire world that we can indeed heal.  We can thrive.  We can be vibrantly successful in all areas of our life.​

The healing power of story has had a profound effect on those who have gone before us in writing their own stories.

The flip side is that it creates awareness. We intend to start a movement that will expose this plague as the dark and dirty secret that it has been kept as. Statistics show that one in three girls and one in five boys are affected by incest from a family member.

This is staggering and mind blowing...not to mention the fact that MANY have never told what happened to them for fear of the typical threat of harm or death to themselves and/or their family members.

The shame that accompanies such a painful travesty often plagues and colors our lives forever. Lack of confidence, inability to be happy, depression...these are just a few of the repercussions.

Let's let our voices rise in unison to reach out to show victims at whatever age they are, that we can heal and rise above it.

In our first book as well as all future books in this series, we had women at all stages of healing and that is what made it so powerful.  This is not a competition nor is it comparing of who had it better or worse than another.  It is a MOVEMENT of inspiration and hope.  

Who this is for:

  • You are a coach and/or speaker,   and understand the impact abuse has had on lives and want to use to position yourself as an authority. You want to use this book for back of the room sales or to offer from your website. (Being a coach or speaker is not required).
  • You have already broken free of the pain of your past and want to share your story and message with the world, to make a difference.
  • You are on your healing journey and want to want to soak up the energy and wisdom who have gone before you...and are willing and ready to take the next step...Choosing to Thrive!

Who this is not for:

  • If you are not ready and willing to take a stand for healing.
  • You are afraid or hesitant about to share your story and do not want others to know about your past.

Would you like to participate in this amazing Movement?  

Click Here to Learn the Details of Participation​

Do You Know Someone Who Would Love to Participate?  Please Share!

Send them this link!  Thank you!

WOW.....I just watched your interviews with Cheryl-Ann And Nikki.....I am crying...I saw myself in certain parts of their stories...Nikki really is an awesome, beautiful woman.  I LOVED her positive attitude about herself now...Thank you for doing this. I am SURE you have helped many people in ways you don't even know...Looking forward to "hearing" more stories of encouragement.  Keep doing what you doing. You have a talent for it. I love your soul.....

Dawn Hoyle Redding

When I first inquired of your invitation, little did I know that my story would be part of such a story with a voice. You met me with feeling and held my views and heart as a precious jewel. Your work and your interviews will continue to change lives all over the world.

Edna j. white

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse , Thank you Becky for bravely taken the reins and making this book come to life. You did it in away where I am proud to be a part of. My intention to be a part of this book series was not meant to bash my family it's meant to help shine a light for others who are still in the darkness. This book is so much more than only our stories it's about learning to dance in the rain after the fact. It's not the acts itself that hurts the most it's the mental torment that comes after. I truly believe anyone in the field of mental health, therapist should read this book it will help professionals with helping their clients in a more effective way. Thank you Becky for asking me to be a part of this. I am honored and grateful and you were a angel to work with. I am glad we have connected and with all the other survivors in this book. We are building a family a community that is beyond lucky to have found. Much success Becky Norwood. Love & Light, Shanna Maria

Shanna Maria

I loved each and every chapter of this wonderful book. The lives of each woman, and their strength through their stories are inspiring. Thank you Becky for gathering these 31 woman to share their lives, on how they not only survived but are living proof that you can Thrive. Christina

Christina wensell

Working with Becky Norwood has been an incredible experience. I am honored to be included and share a part of my story in her new book, We Choose To Thrive. Becky has been so helpful, responsive, and caring - a joy to work with. I hope that my story helps others, as I know that Becky's story has helped me.

Nikki DuBose

Becky Norwood is not only genius in the world of writing but a caring, dedicated advocate of survivors. She takes the power of a story and delivers it with meaning and purpose to change the lives. Becky does not only shed the light on the reality of sexual abuse but also creates a defining moment for the you to decide how you chose to live. I am so grateful to have been a part of this creation and contribute to helping survivors transform into thrivers. It has impacted my life and my constant evolution. Becky is not only a powerful force in the world but a dear friend, who has changed my life forever.

Jane M Powers

I gave 5 stars to the We Choose to Thrive Project!

A heart-felt book full of passion, courage and the deep inner strength to overcome the past. Becky Norwood has brought together 31 strong women who chose to tell the truth behind their trauma. I applaud everyone who is on Becky's mission to create awareness and change in this world.

Teresa Syms

I was initially contacted by RAINN's Speaker Bureau personnel sometime last summer, by email. The email was asking if I wanted to share my story with Ms. Norwood, for her 2nd novel, We Choose To Thrive.

I agreed and upon my first meeting with Becky via Zoom chat, I was very impressed and found her to be an effective listener as well as very easy to communicate with. I was not familiar with Ms. Norwood's past nor had I read her novel, The Woman I Love.

It appeared we had kindred spirits and Ms. Norwood could relate with much that I had to say. So not only did I have an opportunity to share my story, I made a new acquaintance in the process.

Michele D. Croswell

Being part of the We Choose To Thrive project has been one of the most important things in my continued recovery from the horrible abuse I suffered. Being able to share in such a supportive environment with other courageous women doing the same has been a gift. Helping others heal from this abuse is what gives what happened to me purpose and meaning.

Thank you Becky Norwood and everyone else who is a part or had a part in making this project happen. We are warriors.

Janet Bentley

An amazing book filled with stories of surviving trauma and going beyond surviving to thriving. A book filled strength and healing from women who have the courage to tell their stories and help others to heal. Becky Norwood is an amazing woman and I'm so glad she brought us together.

Terri Lanahan

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