Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?


Are You Ready to Tell Your Story?

We Choose to Thrive Book 2 Participation

First, get updates and news on our progress with book 2 by entering your contact info below.   Below the opt in box, there are further details on this book and interview series.

This is our Interview Series where we invite adults who were victims of childhood or adult sexual, emotional and physical abuse, to share their stories of going from survival to thriving.

These are our participation requirements:

  •   Interview/Chapter is limited to 2,000 words or less.
  • We reserve the right to accept or decline an interview based on our discretion. (You will be notified).  
  • This is book 2 in the series.  Our estimated publish date is October 2017, depending on how many and when applicants apply for participation.  
  • By participating in this interview, you are giving us consent to publish your story.
  • Pen names or initials may be used if you are not comfortable in using your real name.
  • This book will be published as both a Kindle book and as a print book through
  • As a paid participant in this series, you will be able to purchase the book at cost for book signings, back of the room sales (for public speakers) and to share as you see fit.
  • You will be a Co-Author of this book, which gives you an online footprint of a very important movement...our message to other survivors that they to can heal and thrive.​
  • Your professional photo will be included on the front cover of the book as well as in our video interviews.

These are the questions you will be asked for the interview:

1.  ​Briefly tell us your past story of abuse.

2.  ​Where are you now on your healing journey?

3. ​What has been the most positive thing you have done for yourself to overcome the trauma of your past?

4.  ​What words of wisdom can you offer to those who have just begun their own journey of healing?

5.  ​What resources can you recommend to those just beginning on their journey of healing?

6.  ​Do you agree for your story to be included in our "We Choose to Thrive" book, video and interview series?

7.  ​Do you agree for your story to be included on our website: (, along with video and interviews being place on YouTube and other social media sites?

We are absolutely delighted to welcome you to this powerful movement!  If you are ready to participate please complete the information below and you will be redirected the participation questionnaire.​

Participation Cost:  $350

The cost of participation goes to cover the publishing costs, editing of both the videos and your chapter, as well marketing promotional costs.​

Payment Options

Upon payment, you will be redirected back to the participation questionnaire.  

Special Bonus:  Guide to Team Authoring

Simple, fun and effective steps to monetize on your story, plus tips for effective group book launch success.

Thank you for joining is in our We Choose to Thrive Movement!

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